Mission Statement:
Raw Sugar creates imaginative, adventurous performance driven by feminists.

Raw Sugar Value Statements:
Raw Sugar…….


Strives to bring together artists and audiences who are working to dismantle patriarchal white-supremacy

Strives to dismantle patriarchal white-supremacy within our own company, creative processes, and the spaces we work.

Our process is rooted in a place of joy, fun, and support for each other as individuals and artists.

Raw Sugar's co-founders Rebekah Rentzel and Jenny Moeller met while interning in at the regional theater in Portland, Maine in 2009. There, they developed their own fun, physical storytelling style in the show "It's Only Funny to Us". Native Minneapolitian Jenny lured Rebekah to the Twin Cities with the siren song of collaborative theater and friendship.

Raw Sugar creates new work, opportunities, and fun. We value feminism, friendship, inclusivity, audience experience, accessibility, community, humor,
and process-oriented work

Raw Sugar has proudly signed on to participate in the  Injustice Boycott
Raw Sugar 
Company Members

Jenny Moeller (Artistic Director)
Rebekah Rentzel
Molly Budke
Michelle Casali
Andi Cheney
Paige Collette
Akiko Ostlund
Sarah Parker
Lucy Roberts
Natalie Turner